September 28, 2022

What’s new in the NHL? Overview of the championship

What’s new in the NHL? Overview of the championship

Everyone knows that this season’s matches of the National Hockey League are held in rather specific conditions. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is constantly making adjustments to the competition rules. Thus, due to the illness of Vancouver’s players, the NHL management had to postpone the end date of the championship several times.

According to the latest information, the final regular games of teams of the Canadian division will be held on May 19th. The main condition is that each of them must play 56 matches.

Divisions’ news

This year, the NHL management has slightly changed its internal regulations. All games are now played within divisions, so four clubs from each qualifying group compete for the Stanley Cup. They play against each other in two initial rounds. What are the teams’ chances? Lets’ consider further:

  1. Unfortunately, the New York Rangers, where the Russian striker Artemy Panarin plays, didn’t manage to get into the final stage. The Blueshirts were in the fifth position of the Eastern division.
  2. The Washington Capitals are doing somewhat better. In the early spring of 2021, Peter Lavioletta’s players managed to win 13 games out of 15 played. Thus, they ensured 100% participation in the final stage of the championship. The head coach, wishing to keep the intrigue, still refuses to name the goalkeeper who will play in the first game of the Stanley Cup 2021. The match will be held between Washington and the Boston Bruins.
  3. The New York Islanders have a controversial position in the standings. Mike Sullivan’s athletes turned out to be more persistent. Pittsburgh’s victory in еру regulation time is almost a sure guarantee of keeping the leader’s status.
  4. As for the rivalry between the Rangers and Boston, one cannot but mention the success of the Black and Gold team. In recent matches, Bruce Cassidy’s players have attacked well, and the team’s defense has recently been replenished with a reliable goalkeeper Tuukka Rask. Another beginner of the club, Taylor Hall, demonstrates a high-quality performance too.

As usual, this season the attention of numerous fans is riveted to the performance of the left-wing forward and the captain of the capital team Alexander Ovechkin. However, his game leaves much to be desired. In the current NHL championship, he set a kind of anti-record for the number of realized chances. Only 24 goals in 45 matches is very little, even compared to the unsuccessful season 2010/11, when the striker managed to deliver only 32 goals to the opponents’ goal.

Over the entire period of playing in the National League, Ovechkin was able to realize 730 goals. Thus, he loses only one goal to the NHL’s current leader, Marcel Dionne.