September 28, 2022

Vancouver Canucks to win the battle of outsiders

Vancouver VS Ottawa | Nhl news
Vancouver hockey players

The representatives of Vancouver still have chances to jump to NHL play-offs; meanwhile Canucks need to do their best in the rest of the games to play.  

Vancouver to be back in the race

This year the Canucks from Vancouver are a powerful opponent for other teams. The team has got four victories in the four last games against Maple Leafs, the leader of the Northern Conference. Furthermore, Canucks had an astonishing series of 7 wins in 8 games; meanwhile, five matches have been postponed due to COVID-19.

Since the representatives of Vancouver are back, they have won three games out of four, showing opponents the team pretends to enter play-offs.

Ottawa Senators to close the conference ranking

Senators from the Canadian capital serve as an outsider this year – 38 points in 48 games are insufficient to dream about the next round. This said, the players could relieve and just enjoy the next matches. Such a situation pushed Senators to better results – 4 victories in 6 matches seem pretty good.

Meanwhile, in the last game, representatives of the Canadian capital had been defeated by Canucks – 2:4. The opening period was equal – contestants scored two goals, ending the period with a draw. Meanwhile, Canucks won the two next periods in a row, ending the game by 4:2. These points are extremely important for hockey players from Vancouver, as the team is now 4 points from Calgary.

Glance over the table of the Northern Conference

Canucks are now in the 6th place of the table, having 41 points; meanwhile, the representatives of Vancouver have seven more games to play; this is why the 6th Canadian team has a chance to collect 14 more points, reaching the play-off area.

Vancouver hockey players have the worst scoring result in the conference – the team has scored 113 goals; meanwhile, the result of conceded goals is 130 pucks.

The factor of overload to pressure Canucks

Theoretically, players from Vancouver may save the season, entering the next round; meanwhile, the factor of extra loan comes to the forefront. The NHL schedule is crowded again – sometimes teams need to play 3-4 matches within a week. That is why the Canucks have no idea when to have a rest under such pressure.

Hockey players are sometimes heroes, but they are not ironmen, and a too crowded schedule may influence their results. What’s even more important, 14 players of the team from Vancouver have undergone the coronavirus infection, and no one can predict the consequences. The fans still believe in the Canucks’ success – let’s see what will happen.