September 28, 2022

How Did Hockey Appear and Develop?

How Did Hockey Appear and Develop?

Hockey is a well-known sport, extremely popular in Russia, the USA, Canada, Sweden, and some other countries.

 A modern version of hockey was invented in Canada at the end of the 18th century. In the middle of the 19th century, hockey has gained incredible popularity in Canada. The first significant match was held in March 1875, when teams from McGill University faced off in Montreal. At that time, there was no general set of rules, so they were written by Mr. W. F. Robertson, who was very fond of playing hockey. He outlined the main aspects and introduced several changes. The most important of them was: players started to use a rubber puck instead of a wooden one. In 1886, the rules were revised again and printed. The number of players in each team was reduced to 7 (there were 9 before).

Modern Competitions

The most prestigious championship is the National Hockey League. Leading teams from the United States and Canada take part in it. All young hockey players dream of the NHL championship to take part in it and win the Stanley Cup. The CHL is another famous championship that is trying to compete with NHL. Leading clubs from Russia, Europe, and even China take part in it.

Trends in the Development of World Hockey

Trends in the development of world hockey at present and in the next 10-15 years will be determined by changes in the rules of the hockey game. The abolition of the central red line, some restriction of strength combats, a clearer standardization of the goalkeeper’s game equipment, and the restriction of the goalkeeper’s game activity are not the only changes in the rules of the hockey game.

  • The game will be more dynamic, fast-paced, and productive.
  • Technical training of players, their ability to make unexpected decisions, supported by high technical actions performed at high speed is another modern hockey trend.
  • Hockey players should not react but react ahead of the actions of their opponents. They must move quickly and be able to play constructively in all episodes of the game.
  • The vector aimed at attacking the goal is becoming more and more marked too.

Interesting Facts

  • Before the start of each match, the puck is frozen so that it does not spring on the hockey rink.
  • Dental problems are a common thing among hockey players. Many of the athletes lost them right during the hockey fight.
  • The speed of the rubber puck sometimes reaches 200 kilometers per hour.